Monitor and lights

Well monitor  arrived and now mounted 


Also setup some green lights inside for the marquee 


So far not looking too bad.

well after some advice from another Builder they recomended a Continuous hinge for the control panel to the cab so 1 purchased.

Continuous Hinge

bought off Fleebay cheap but B&Q sell these as well. So with that added it was all screwed in with 16MM screws they just poped through the panel but they are not noticeable and wont be once painted. to keep it in place Magnetic blocks were added to the top to keep it closed but i might add another brown block to the side just for that extra support.

2015-08-20 19.08.452015-08-20 19.08.372015-08-20 19.08.182015-08-20 19.08.13

Well today we start the build.

2 arcade cabs from rich
100 brown blocks
20 magnetic blocks
200 16mm 3.5 screws
200 20mm 4.0 screws
200 25mm 4.0 screws
Chrome trim

So we start with lauras cab first 


Cabnets delivered big one mine small one lauras

This is the delivered  package nice and secure.


Front, control panel, and top


Side panels

Parts to build


First block on to start aligning  up.


Half built

As you can see the bottom has 12 brown blocks on to secure it and alternating  the positions after each one. Using 20mm screws to hold it together. Once complete a skim of grab glue will be applied to strengthen  the build. On the back i have attached 2 magnetic  blocks so the rear is removable and easy to access the for the components.